The Delusion of Separateness

The Delusion of Separateness

May 28, 2018 Love 0

We come from love. Using hypnosis, I often regress clients back to the time before they were aware of being in their mother’s wombs, back to “there” where they come from.  Where they come from (their origin) is always described as love – a radiant, warm, loving, accepting light.  In this light they feel fulfilled, totally loved, a complete sense of belonging.  They experience that they are a part of the light, as if they are one with the light, as if there exists no separation between them and the light.

I then take these clients to the moment they become aware of being in the womb, or the moment Mom becomes aware of being pregnant. And so often, everything changes at this point.  Depending on the particular circumstances, the unborn baby forgets its true origin, accepting Mother’s thoughts and feelings regarding him/her and the world out there, as the ultimate truth.  The unborn infant mistakenly starts believing that Mom is his/her origin.

Should Mom be loving (love being pregnant), focusing her attention on the developing baby within her, seeing the world as a safe place, then there is a continuation of the love concept for the infant.  However, if Mom does not want to be pregnant, sees the world as a hostile and negative place, is involved in unloving relationships, does not focus her attention on her unborn child in a loving way, then the infant experiences a separation from love.  For the infant, this is an emotional death experience, because, on an emotional level, we cannot survive without love.

This is what I refer to as the delusion of separateness from love.  Yes, it is only a delusion, since we come from love; we are love.  Yet we start believing that we are unlovable, shouldn’t be here, don’t belong.  I have not yet encountered a purely psychological problem that does not have this separation from love, or fear of being separated from love, as an underlying causative factor.  Watch out for my next blog which will be on the experience of connectedness.