The Experience of Connectedness

The Experience of Connectedness

July 12, 2018 Connectedness Love 0

How do I contend with the soul destroying feeling of not being good enough, the feeling that I have to perform to have worth? How do I change being consumed by feelings of not belonging and loneliness, even when surrounded by friends and family? How do I modify always feeling like the outsider? How do I put an end to always comparing myself to others? How do I stop constantly competing with others, always having to win, yet despite winning, never feeling whole ? How do I refrain from controlling those closest to me, because of my inability to trust that they really want to be with me? How to I quit being jealous of my friends or life partner, not wanting them to have other friends, not believing that they will choose me? How do I stop the pattern of engaging in one abusive relationship after the other? How do I put an end to being co-dependent?

The sequelae of the perception of being unloveable, is endless. Changing this perception necessitates revisiting, through hypnosis, the moment we bought into the delusion of seperateness from love, the moment where we started believing that we are unloveable…. This moment usually occurs during the first 3 years 9 months of our lives … The 9 months referring to our time spent developing in the womb. During this period, logic and reason have not yet developed, and cannot serve as a filter to incoming information.

This significant moment of great consequence is different for everyone. It could have been the moment your mom found out she was pregnant with you and perhaps didn’t want to be pregnant, or the moment you were born and separated from mom because she or you needed urgent medical attention and you thought she didn’t want you anymore. It could have been the moment you realized that mom wanted a boy, and you are a girI. Alternatively the perception could have formed when your parents, thinking they were applying good sleep training techniques, left you to cry in your cot until you fell asleep. It could have been when you were left behind whilst mom and dad went away for the weekend and you were to young to understand, thinking they left for good and that they didn’t want you anymore….

Through hypnosis my patients regress to where they are experiencing these significant moments. It is here where the underlying perception of unloveability is uncovered and altered, and the patient is reconnected to love. The outcome of this therapeutic process is profound, reverberating through every aspect of their life. The delusion of separateness dissolves. There is a realisation of being enough, as is. A deep realisation of intrinsic worth. A connection with all that is. A connection with LOVE.