A gift in trying times

March 24, 2020 Connectedness Love 0

There are always gifts to be found in trying times. Finding these gifts, is the secret to surviving the extreme emotional challenges facing all earthlings at the present time.  The greatest gift we are afforded currently is probably TIME.  How often have you wished for more TIME?  Time to just be.  Time to chill, time to enjoy your home, time to spend with your partner, time to spend with your kids, time to spend with your animals.  How amazing is it to not have to drive the kids around from one activity to the next?  I’m sure you can think of many more gifts pertaining to your life specifically.  Please take a minute or two to reflect on these… The most powerful law in the world its the law of attraction.   The more gratitude we show, the more we attract circumstances to us to feel grateful for.  Perhaps this is the secret to changing or overcoming adversity – by being grateful for its gifts.  During the current pandemic, you have the gift of choice!  I am available for face-to-face consultations, Zoom (similar to Skype) consultations,  Whattapp face-time consultations and  telephonic consultations!  Your choice!


Please phone my receptionist, Rene, to schedule an appointment on 084 509 7777.