About Me

I love being a psychologist, a position  I have occupied for the past 25 years.   Being a fellow traveller on the journeys of the many patients who chose me as their therapist, has been the greatest of privileges.   I am forever grateful to my patients, as the therapeutic relationship is one of reciprocity, the patient giving as much to the therapist as vice versa.   Over the years my patients have taught me what I know today about ”The Human Condition”, having trusted me with their innermost feelings and thoughts, their vulnerabilities, allowing me to be a witness to their experiences, their losses, their hurts, their growth and transformation. 

My main interest is trauma – trauma referring to experiences which my patient perceives as traumatic.  I’m interested in how traumatic childhood experiences  are related to physical and psychological symptoms.  It fascinates me how the healing of these childhood wounds results in the resolution of the particular symptom, whether the related symptom is anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive thoughts/ behaviour or some physical ailment.  I am very interested and experienced in resolving  Post Traumatic Stress, utilizing the most current trauma releasing techniques ( Eye Movement Integration, Brain Working Recursive Therapy and Somatic Experiencing).  I feel very honoured when asked to assist patients through their grief process, helping them to come to terms with loss.  In fact, I often work with the trauma of ‘loss’ – broken relationships, divorce, loss of identity, loss of children and grandchildren due to immigration etc.  I am fascinated with the subconscious mind and its compulsion to ensure our survival through fight, flight or freeze, and how Post Traumatic Stress has to do with being stuck in one of these states.  I’m in love with body-mind therapies like Somatic Experiencing, which helps the client to access the body memory of the traumatic event in order to restore the nervous system by discharging the ‘stuck’ energy in our bodies and completing the particular survival response.  I love teaching my clients about mindfulness, about being in the moment – not in the past, nor in the future but in this very moment, since that is where life, happiness and abundance reside.

I perceive therapy as an art as well as a science.  Every client is an individual and therefore therapy should be individually tailored.  The following methods of therapeutic intervention are close to my heart: Hypnotherapy (Ego State Therapy and Medical Hypno-analysis), Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), Eye Movement Integration (EMI),  Brain spotting, Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Mindfulness Training.