Dr Lize Speaks

Dr Lize speaks out on various topics that people are struggling with in their day to day lives

Mental health, just what the psychologist prescribed

During her 25 years of treating people who were confronted with huge challenges in their lives, she realized that those people who could identify and focus on the personal gifts inherent in these challenges, were able to successfully overcome them.

Dr Lize is of the opinion that many of us feel as if our freedom of choice has been suspended, which causes us to feel unsafe, anxious and vulnerable.

Dr Lize mentions that reaching out and connecting with one another during this period of lockdown is essential in our attempt to remain psychologically healthy.

Dr Lize emphasises how important it is to our mental health to be able to find a sense of meaning within the current lockdown situation.

Dr Lize gives some advice for how to deal with challenging emotions as they arise during lockdown.

Transforming any negativity with regards to lockdown, requires finding a way of being grateful it.

Being cooped up in the same limiting space with others, even though they are your significant others, is like a cauldron waiting to boil over…

Dr Lize reminds us that finding the humour in heavy, serious and uncertain times, somehow lightens the load and brightens our spirits.

In order for us to remain mentally healthy during lockdown, ‘worry’ should be allocated to a certain time every day.

Dr Lize shares her ideas about anxiety and acceptance with regards to lockdown.

Dr Lize focuses our attention on the importance of self-care in maintaining mental health during lockdown.

Dr Lize reminds us of the important role exercise plays in the intenance of mental health, especially during lockdown.

In the light of lockdown having been extended by 2 weeks, Dr Lize underscores the importance of reaching out for help should you find yourself to be mentally struggling during this time.

Dr Lize urges us to remind ourselves that even if it may not currently feel like it, the current lockdown situation will pass.

Dr Lize stresses the importance of alone time during lockdown.


Dr Lize urges us to be gentle with ourselves during this collective, global trauma, called the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Lize claims that many of us have started to grieve the loss of our “sweet” normal and are feeling tired and weary as a result.

By just focusing on “doing the next right thing” , instead of “all -or- nothing” type thinking, we will be able to combat feelings of helplessness.

When fear is proportionate to the actual threat we are facing, it should be viewed as a gift.

Dr Lize Wolfaardt urges us to be especially kind to those in total isolation, and points out how the giver of kindness benefits just as much, maybe even more, than the receiver.

See lockdown as a huge opportunity to develop our resilience, which has everything to do with our ability to bounce back from adversity and struggle.

How the contrast provided by lockdown, enables inner growth and change.

Dr Lize urges us to own our emotions in the interest of maintaining and promoting our mental health during lockdown.

Feeling anxious during lockdown is absolutely normal, since collectively, we are facing an experience which is novel to all of us.

The importance of owning our feelings of vulnerability during uncertain times like lockdown.

Dr Lize concludes her series of advisory snippets pertaining to Covid-19 and lockdown by highlighting yet another gift inherent in the current situation, namely the development of resilience.