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Healing the emotional wounds caused by narcissistic relationships

Talk presented to the Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse support group in Bryanston, Johannesburg How do we heal the emotional wounds created by living in the shadow of either emotionally deficient narcissistic parents, or narcissistic partners?   Step 1 One needs to firstly realize and accept that one’s parent or partner is a narcissist.  One needs…
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January 16, 2020 0
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The ugly face of narcissism II

John’s story – part 2 Written by John   My Father is a Narcissist I often doubted myself when labelling my father as a narcissist.  One just doesn’t want it to be true. But the more I thought and learnt about it, the clearer the picture became. There are therapists who argue that lack of…
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November 15, 2019 0

The ugly face of narcissism

I often overhear the word “narcissist” in conversations. In my opinion the word is often misused, or at least overused. The word “narcissistic” is used as a substitute for words like “selfish, ego-centric and self- centred”. Not all selfish people are narcissists, though…. It is possible for people to have narcissistic traits without being full-blown…
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